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is an affordable, rugged, end-to-end, solution for Industrial IOT monitoring and control. A variety of off-the-shelf sensors connect to the 9V battery-powered Transceiver which reports data measurements, environmental conditions, and device health information to the LTE cellular Gateway. The Gateway aggregates data from multiple Transceivers and reports to a back-end server where the data may be visualized through a custom dashboard, and alerts may be sent via text message, email, or call chain. Alternatively, the data may be accessed for use in your application via a set of open APIs.


More than half of our 86 schools lost power during Hurricane Florence.  The Cellio monitoring system enabled us to monitor the cold storage units across the county without compromising the safety of staff that would otherwise have to travel to the facilities to check the status of the equipment and inventories.  The cellular communication and battery back-up features were extremely beneficial during the storm, allowing the monitoring system to continue communicating temperatures during the power outages.

Executive Director Child Nutrition Services, Cumberland County School System, Fayetteville, NC

BinVisionTM powered by CellioR checks all the boxes!  Growers have safer farms and have virtually eliminated the need for emergency feed deliveries and vacuum outs of extra feed. At the mill, our grain forecasting and feed production scheduling has improved 3-fold, as has our delivery route optimization. New analytics help us forecast feed consumption and really dial in the best production date. The system paid for itself many times over in just a matter of months and the annual operating expense is extremely low compared to other solutions.


Since installing the Cellio monitoring system, we have been able to identify problems with the walk-in units and make repairs prior to compromising the food inventories.  Not only does it preserve the safety and quality of the food, but avoids the disruption to our operations that would be caused if the inventories were lost due to equipment failures.  Preventing the food loss has saved us time and money.

Supervisor, Child Nutrition Services, Cumberland County School System, Fayetteville, NC

With all the safety compliance requirements, we started to worry if someone was going to be able to detect and report light outages soon enough to keep us from getting fined.


Our mills need an accurate and timely view of what’s going on in the farm bins. We need a consistent and reliable inventory of feed to reduce emergency deliveries and outages.  Cellio allows us to do this.


We used to have to pay our employees overtime to drive around at night or early morning to check all of the lights –this costs a LOT of overtime and wasn’t always timely.


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