Cellio – LoRa Transceivers Make Large Scale IIoT/M2M/IoT Implementations Possible Today


Whether you are retrofitting existing manual operations to make them more automated or you have decided to install a completely new system, you are likely considering the total cost of the equipment, the installation, and also any monthly fees.  Cellio Transceivers help to minimize the equipment costs, the installation costs, and the monthly costs by leveraging less expensive wireless devices at the edge of the network. Cellio is designed to get data from where it is to where you need it be.


Caption: Cellio Transceivers help to minimize equipment, installation, and monthly fees for IIoT/M2M/IoT system implementations.


Cellio Transceivers Minimize Equipment Costs

Cellio Wireless Transceivers have been designed to allow many sensors inputs and many control outputs to be connected to a single device. This approach moves the typical Device:Equipment ratio requirement from 1:1 to 1:Many.  Thus, a much smaller number of devices is needed to monitor a large number of sensors and equipment. Net net, the total equipment costs for a system is reduced compared to traditional implementations.


Caption: Cellio Transceivers help to minimize costs by using less expensive equipment at the edge to aggregate sensor data and control capability.


Cellio Transceivers Minimize Installation Costs

Cellio Wireless Transceivers have the immediate advantage of being wirelessly installed on or near equipment to be monitored and/or controlled – this removes the need for costly cabling/wiring installations across long distances. Additionally, Cellio Transceivers can be configured to connect with existing sensors and instruments to make use of what is currently in place – removing the need for costly new equipment while allowing all the equipment to connected on the same network. Finally, Cellio Transceivers can be used to connect directly with raw sensor and control elements – allowing for a broader range and more highly customized elements while minimizing the costs of traditional instrumentation. On a case-by-case basis, these savings can be substantial.



Caption: Cellio Transceivers help to minimize installation costs by using a single device to monitor and control multiple sensors, instruments and equipment.


Cellio Transceivers Minimize Annual and/or Monthly Fees

Cellio Wireless Transceivers transmit the data from sensor readings to Gateways, and the Gateways transmit the data via Cellular or Wi-Fi to back-end data systems. Similarly, Gateways transmit data back to the Transceivers that can then be used as outputs to signal or control instruments and indicators. This configuration assures that as few wireless connections via Cellular or Wi-Fi are required to be maintained. One Gateway can support hundreds of Transceivers. In the case of Cellular, annual or monthly fees can be minimized by setting up the network to use as many Transceivers as possible with as few Gateways as possible to assure optimal coverage for the environment in which the devices need to communicate. In the case of Wi-Fi, balancing the installation of access points and the relatively low cost of internet access in some locations, as many Gateways as desired could be installed to optimize or maximize coverage without affecting the total annual or monthly fees.



Caption: Cellio Transceivers help to minimize monthly fees by sending data to the network through a smaller number of gateway devices.


Bonus: Cellio Transceivers Can Be Used with Multiple Gateways

Cellio Wireless Transceivers provide a distinct advantage when installing across an enterprise whether in many small sites, tracking large numbers of mobile assets, or in large campus environments. Leveraging Cellular, Wi-Fi, or a hybrid combination of Cellular and Wi-Fi can further reduce the costs of equipment, installation and monthly operation of the network of sensors and controllers. Multiple Cellular Gateways can be installed to provide increased coverage and reliability while minimally increasing the overall costs of the system. A combination of Cellular and Wi-Fi Gateways can be installed to shift usage from Wi-Fi to Cellular when Wi-Fi is not available.



Caption: Multiple Gateways can be configured to provide increased areas of coverage and better network access for large numbers of Transceivers.



Cellio Wireless Transceivers provide an optimized wireless link from indicators, actuators, controllers and control systems to Cellio Wireless Gateways via 900MHz LoRa with transmission distances of a approximately 1 mile (3 square miles). The Transceivers can wirelessly enable existing sensors, instruments, and controllers that are already in place in field operations – thus providing the least expensive and quickest path from manual control to automated remote sensing and signaling. So whether you are installing new equipment, or trying to retrofit existing equipment, Cellio Wireless Transceivers are designed to help minimize the costs of equipment, installation, and monthly fees.