Cellio – Gateway as Asset Tracker and More


Having trouble locating all your valuable equipment when you need to find it? Cellio Cellular Gateways with GPS can be used on equipment to track the location and movement of the equipment – tied to datahosting and dashboarding this can generate a map or table to give you instant access to the location of any mobile, stationary, or fixed asset you want tracked.


Caption: Cellio Gateway attached to asset provides location information to back-end datahosting and dashboarding to provide location and alerts.


Cellular (CDMA, GSM) with GPS

Cellio Gateways are provided with either CDMA or GSM capabilities. Through the Gateway, GPS locations can be identified and then transmitted via the cellular networks to the back-end or cloud data hosting platform of choice. Depending on the frequency of updates from the Gateway the location and status of all assets can be determined at any time. Gateways can be configured, reconfigured, and even updated from the back-end without having to go to the field.


Caption: Cellio Gateway fixed to asset provides GPS information over cellular to back-end datahosting.


Tracking Location and Movement

Data collected from the Gateway devices can be accessed from the data storage and used for mapping in a traditional map form, mapped into a table or spreadsheet form, or even mapped into various tiers of alert conditions to generate notifications (SMS, Email, Data Posting, etc.). The collected data can also be used to inform workflows, exchange data with other back-end or enterprise systems, as well as shared via dashboard views with employees and customers/clients via their own customized view.


Caption: Collected GPS data can be used for mapping location, movement, status and generating notifications and alerts.


Bonus: LoRa Connection to Transceivers

With Gateways installed on assets/equipment that are either stationary or mobile, other devices that be used for signaling (inputs signals like a pushbutton or output signals like an LED display or alarm) can also be connected to the back-end via the LoRa wireless capability built into the Gateway devices. This additional capability can inexpensively extend the value of the system and the uses throughout your operation and the operation at client facilities or job sites.


Caption: Cellio Gateway connected to asset also provides an infrastructure element for Transceiver devices to communicate with the back-end (via LoRa).



The Cellio Wireless Network has been designed to be as quick, affordable, and high quality. Cellio Wireless Transceivers allow the Cellio system and customers to quickly and easily expand existing systems with as many sensors and controllers as they like (with minimal incremental expense).  The data collected in the back-end data system can be easily and rapidly mapped and provided for view on PC’s, tables, smartphones, etc. both via browser views as well as automatically generated native mobile app views. Sharing and modifying the dashboard views is quick and easy. All of this is available and easy to put in place today. We know that getting IIoT/M2M/IoT solutions successfully designed/implemented/running from scratch can be tough if you try to do it alone – that is why we have assembled all the pieces you need with Cellio. If your priority is knowing where your assets are currently located and detecting when they move, Cellio Gateways will do this for you – and more.


Caption: Cellio enables assets to be tracked, monitored, and notified.