Cellio is a complete low-cost, easily installed, Internet of Things ecosystem that gives you visibility into operations and assets. Cellio utilizes a collection of Transceivers which connect to a variety of sensors and controllers. The Transceivers are able to communicate over one mile line-of-site, to a cellular gateway which aggregates all the Transceiver data and sends it to a backend server application for storage, visualization, analytics, and alerting. Cellio also supports downlink remote control of assets either automatically through the backend scripts or manually using control widgets on the backend visualization dashboard.

We have partnered with cellular carriers, back-end cloud platforms, and sensor and control instrumentation vendors, to provide complete solutions that are quick to install, easily scaled, and very affordable.

Cellio is a product of Device Solutions Inc. Device Solutions has a 17 year history of designing and developing products for wireless and medical products industries.