Cellio – BYOS – Bring Your Own Sensors


“What gets measured gets done,” and so it follows that “what gets sensed gets measured!” Whether the devices and equipment used for sensing real world physical values are already in place, or need to be newly installed, Cellio is designed to support most sensors that produce an electrical signal as an output. The electrical signal output is connected to the Cellio Transceiver input and then the values are transmitted via the Cellio Gateway to the back-end where the data can be computed and displayed on dashboards or used for alerts and alarms when conditions exceed acceptable levels. Cellio, designed by an wireless embedded design company, was conceived with the philosophy to be as configurable, agnostic, and adaptable to most any sensor, and as many sensors, as might be reasonable to connect for a given application. Cellio provides digital, analog, and bus inputs/outputs. And for those applications where a sensor is proprietary, Cellio can be modified to adapt uniquely and specifically to that exact application. With Cellio, we really have made it possible for you to bring your own sensor (BYOS).



Cellio For Industry Sensing

Solutions for which Cellio is well adapted range from one sensor to many sensors and from very low cost sensors (sub-$1 to over $10,000). The flexibility to support the range of capabilities represented by these sensors attests to the fact that Cellio is uniquely configured for use in most any industrial environment and with most any industrial sensor. The added benefits that Cellio can power many sensors from the internal 9VDC and use the internal antenna to transmit collected measurements up to a mile away, further demonstrates the commitment to applications where the cost, maintenance, and potential risks of wiring are prohibitive or explicitly prohibited. For example, in the case of monitoring generator operation at a remote substation, Cellio can use something as simple as a dry contact to detect the status of the generator or something as informative as an RS-485 communication with the equipment to collect and communicate the information for users to access and base decisions. For industries evolving from more manual data collection, Cellio can make immediate impacts in the visibility of the status of equipment, inventory levels, and other indications important to the daily operation, compliance, and reporting needs that have historically cost significant labor and frustration for all involved. Cellio can leverage existing equipment already in place, allow for the use of inexpensive sensor equipment, or customize the interfaces to adapt to the highest end equipment a person might ever want to read remotely.




The Cellio Wireless Network has been designed to be quick, affordable, and high quality. Cellio Wireless Transceivers allow the Cellio system and customers to quickly and easily expand existing systems with as many sensors and controllers as they like (with minimal incremental expense).  The data collected in the back-end data system can be easily and rapidly mapped and provided for view on PC’s, tablets, smartphones, etc. both via browser views as well as automatically generated native mobile app views. Sharing and modifying the dashboard views is quick and easy. All of this is available and in place today. There is a saying that you should “Inspect what you expect”.  If you are looking for an extensible and scalable platform for your IIoT applications, and you want to bring your own sensors and see them all in one unified view, look no further. Cellio is leading a paradigm shift – putting the power of IIoT into the hands of the users.