Cellio – IIoT Goes the Distance, Wirelessly


From Agriculture to Manufacturing to Industrial Processing, there is at least one common challenge for remote monitoring – substantial distances. In addition to the distances, obstacles that block line of site between points of interest compound the challenge for transmissions and communications. Also, most of these points don’t have electrical outlets conveniently accessible. Cellio provides a solution to these challenges with its 9VDC powered 900MHz LoRa Transceiver devices that can collect information from remote sensors and transmit them over great distances through a great number of objects and materials – to the pleasant surprise of many process and facility owners/operators.



IIoT Remote Distances

In industrial, agricultural, and other environments that have process elements that require going outside of a single facility, distances are typically measured in thousands of feet and hundreds of yards/meters. These environments are typically not well suited for pulling and maintaining long lengths of conduits, cables, and power – especially when costs are considered. In these cases a wireless solution that can inexpensively, quickly and reliably transmit information from a remote point B to a central point A without having to provide a power outlet is most desirable. Cellio Transceivers accomplish this using 900MHz LoRa (Long Range) wireless technology to cover great distances and transmitting through a great number of obstacles that would traditionally block communications for other approaches.



IIoT Remote Power

Further challenging the requirements for an acceptable/feasible solution, not having access to a power plug means that the sensors and the transmission have to provide their own power source – and ideally that the power source will last longer than a year before having to be maintained/replaced. Cellio Transceivers accomplish this using a 9VDC battery that can be used to power connected sensors and in typical use can provide remote data for up to 5 years on a single battery before having to be replaced.



IIoT Remote Network Access

The typical geographical locations of many agricultural, manufacturing and industrial operations are in more rural/remote locations. To access the internet and other remote networks, wireless is required to transmit all of the collected data to the “back-end” where the data can be aggregated, computed and distributed to users and systems that can make use of the remote monitoring information. Cellio Transceivers and Gateways accomplish this using Cellular CDMA/GSM network infrastructure to move data from the site to back-end data storage and processing. From the back-end, a host of operations, alerts, and computations can be generated to inform users and processes of the status of equipment, inventories, and process parameters.




The Cellio Wireless Network has been designed to be quick, affordable, and high quality. Cellio Wireless Transceivers allow the Cellio system and customers to quickly and easily expand existing systems with as many sensors and controllers as they like (with minimal incremental expense).  The data collected in the back-end data system can be easily and rapidly mapped and provided for view on PC’s, tablets, smartphones, etc. both via browser views as well as automatically generated native mobile app views. Sharing and modifying the dashboard views is quick and easy. All of this is available in place today. There is a saying that you should “Inspect what you expect”.  The distances typically involved in Agriculture, Manufacturing and other Industrial operations require technology designed and well suited for these environments. Cellio provides all this capability and more out of the box.