Cellio – MIIoTy Industrial Internet of Things

“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”

– Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894)


The mightiest of forces in the world are the result of massive numbers of some of the tiniest forces.  For example, colonies of ants can move mountains of dirt, 75,000 people can build an epic canal, untold quantities of sand can create land where it did not exist before.  All of these, at scale, are game changers when the forces are coordinated and leveraged in an organized way.  The result is a paradigm shift in what is perceived as possible.  So to is the impact that remote monitoring and control of seemingly the smallest of events can provide when considered in aggregate over time.


Game Changing

Consider the simple case of placing devices across 10,000’s of locations to detect rare and unlikely events, that should they happen (if left unresolved) could be catastrophic to persons, animals, property, and/or earnings.  The effort required to get humans mobilized and disciplined enough to tirelessly, continuously, and consistently observe and report on the status of all these locations would not only be cost prohibitive, but also result in spotty and unreliable reporting.

Employing inexpensive and distributed technology like Cellio, on the other hand, is an affordable and reliable approach that at scale can be counted on to report events ranging from rare to regular no matter the environment.  For example, consider light posts or streetlights across a city or state.   Knowing that all the lights have power can provide confirmation that everything is GREEN – for those rare cases where power is lost it is important to dispatch resources as quickly as possible to address the outage and provide alternative traffic control to avoid unnecessary accidents.  When power is restored, the system updates the status to GREEN and attention can confidently be focused on items other than wondering if power to traffic control is at risk.

Bonus 1 – Control:  With a technology like Cellio deployed, the additional element of control is also accessible using the same installed hardware.  Remote control can be used to turn on emergency lights, sound an alarm, or activate other equipment like a back-up generator.

Bonus 2 – Advanced Analytics:  Although some simple math can be performed on the data in real-time, advanced analytics can be leveraged to show various trends, areas for improvements, opportunities for increased efficiencies, and optimizing investments/savings.

Bonus 3 – Tier -1 Support:  Built into the system is the ability to anticipate some failure modes before they occur.  Reported data from the equipment and deployed sensors can be leveraged in advance of  a reported event to anticipate and alert service personnel to resolve before they turn into situations that could impact operations.



The Cellio Wireless Network has been designed to be quick, affordable, and high quality.  Cellio Wireless Transceivers allow the Cellio system and customers to quickly and easily expand existing systems with as many sensors and controllers as they like (with minimal incremental expense).   The data collected in the back-end data system can be easily and rapidly mapped and provided for view on PC’s, tablets, smartphones, etc. both via browser views as well as automatically generated native mobile app views.  Sharing and modifying the dashboard views is quick and easy.  All of this is available and in place today.  There is a saying that you should “Inspect what you expect”.    The best way to inspect all of the important data points in the enterprise is to deploy Cellio to monitor and report on them regularly as well as to alert you when there is a change in status.  These insights into your enterprise provide a peace of mind that is worth its weight in gold.  Cellio puts the MIIoT of IIoT in your hands!