Cellio – The RIIoT Hot and Cold Temperature Solution



Temperature measurements are useful for many different purposes and for an even greater number of applications.  Temperature can be used as a proxy for, and infer, other measurements without having to have sensors dedicated to them.  Temperature, intuitively, is something we can all appreciate given our intimate knowledge of hot, cold, and “just right”.  Thus, it is no surprise that so many organizations are interested in monitoring the temperature in/around their operations, facilities, and processes to assure that optimum performance is achieved – and where needed compliance requirements are met, logged, and reported.  Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the temperature (and related environmental conditions) are within established bounds across an entire enterprise.





Affordable IIoT Remote Monitoring of Temperature with Cellio


Where most organizations want to measure temperature, a range of -55C (-67F) to 125V (257F) and accuracy to +/- 0.5C will cover almost all of their needs.  With the advent of semi-conductor based temperature sensors the cost of temperature sensors has dropped considerably.  Looking on DigiKey’s website, semiconductor temperature sensors range in the small single dollars for industrial grade sensor components.  This means that single sensor installations are extremely feasible.  Also feasible are large arrays of temperature sensing configurations (say along the entire length of a container, up the full height of a tower, or in some unique pattern allowing for 3D X/Y/Z mapping of an arbitrary shaped space).   This type of sensor connected to a Cellio Transceiver and the rest of the loosely coupled ecosystem provide one of the lowest cost end-to-end out-of-the-box temperature solutions.  The solution is easy to install and enables an enterprise to be up and running in days or weeks (instead of months or years).  From a total cost of ownership perspective, it is no surprise that companies are wanting to leverage as much existing integration as possible to keep up-front costs (risks) as low as possible while generating as much value immediately.  We know time is money, and the fact that Cellio can simply send an alert when a temperature is out of range is possibly the greatest savings of all!




Conclusion – KISS


The Cellio Wireless Network has been designed to be quick, affordable, and high quality. The data collected in the back-end data system can be easily and rapidly mapped and provided for view on PC’s, tablets, smartphones, etc. both via browser views as well as automatically generated native mobile app views.  Sharing dashboard views is quick and easy.  All of this is available and in place today.  There is a saying that you should “Inspect what you expect”.    We understand the need to make the business case for full and complete deployments, this is at the heart of the Cellio platform and remains our commitment to keep it simple for our partners and our customers – simple to install, simple to operate, simple to integrate, and simple to get immediate actionable outputs/alerts/notifications.